Geburtshaus Delphys
Badenerstrasse 177
8003 Zürich

Telefon 044 491 91 20
Fax 044 491 91 56

The Delphys Birthing Center

The Delphys Birthing Center offers an alternative obstetrical care option to hospital or home birth. Mother and child are the focus of attention. Women and their partners (or their accompanying persons) have the opportunity to experience child birth in a comfortable and low stress environment.

We are free-lance midwives and our mission is to support the family during this very important time of life.  We offer a wide base of knowledge, experience and patience. We consider pregnancy, childbirth and postpartem period an inseparable continum. These are natural processes, if there are no problems neither medical intervention nor medication is required.

We believe that each women has a deep intrinsic knowledge of her own body and we enable her to actively participate in the birth process with a self directed approach.

It is our aim to offer the parents and the child excellent care and an optimum environment in order to make giving birth and being born a profound and happy experience.

Should you need any assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.